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Over 2019 - 2021, as a school, we have made changes to our curriculum. These changes have been linked to the wider curriculum. When we say wider curriculum, we mean the subjects beyond English and Maths.

As a school, we felt our wider curriculum needed changing, to ensure our children were taught the specific knowledge and skills needed for each subject. Teachers and Leaders have looked, in depth, at all the knowledge and skills needed to be taught and created a curriculum which ensures all subject skills are specifically taught.

Children have themes / topics; they will have 3 topics per year, which will each have a Geographical / Historical Focus. Alongside the themes, they are taught Science and Computing as separate subjects and will be taught these subjects every week. For 8 weeks of a term, learning will be mainly focused around the topic, ensuring there is depth in teaching. For the remaining weeks of a term, there will be a focus on Art, DT and Music. During those weeks, most afternoons will be spent on the focus subject. This will enable teachers to teach the knowledge and skills in depth and give children the time and freedom to express themselves and master the year group objectives. Art is also taught each week, as well as the key focus during the Art weeks. French is taught regularly in Key Stage 2 as the Modern Foreign Language we cover.

Children will continue to go out of school on educational visits and have visitors into school (Covid Restrictions allowing). These are crucial to the children, to ensure the children are seeing our wider world and learning from first- hand experience. The planned educational visits can be seen in the King Edward Offer document below.

The Intent, Implementation and Impact of the curriculum is outlined in the statement in the attachments below (Curriculum Offer). Additionally as mentioned the King Edward Promise outlines the key experiences that form part of our Cultural Capital that all children will receive during their time at King Edward.


These are the themes for 2021-2022

More information on each year group 


Past information

  • 2019-2020

These are the themes and outline dates for the units of work focusing on Art, Music and DT during the 2019 - 2020 Academic Year.


The children in Year 3/4 undertook a 2 year rolling programme for the curriculum as there were mixed year groups in Year 3/4. The document below outlines the themes for 2020 - 2021.

  • 2020-2021


In 2020 - 2021 Year 5 /6 were in mixed year groups due to pupil numbers and therefore they all started on a two year Programme, starting off with the themes from Year 6 in 202 -21.

Due to the impact of the Covid Pandemic the SATS didn't take place in either 2019 - 2020 or 2020 - 2021. Additionally the Y6 Residentials did not take place in these years.



King Edward Primary School Curriculum Offer
King Edward Promise
English Curriculum Statement
Maths Curriculum Statement 2021
Science Curriculum Statement 2021
Geography Curriculum Statement
History Curriculum Statement
RE Curriculum Statement
Art Curriculum Statement
DT Curriculum statement
music curriculum statement
PE Curriculum Statement
MFL Curriculum statement 2021
PSHCE Curriculum Statement 2021
Computing Curriculum Statement 2021
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