The Governing Body

The Governing Body has an important part to play in supporting and monitoring the life of the school. It is composed of elected members who represent the parents and teaching staff, members appointed by the Local Authority, Community Governors and Co-opted members. Parents who would like further information about the Governing Body or who may be interested in becoming a governor should contact school.

The Governing Body has 2 sub-committees to deal with specific issues such as appointments, finance and learning and teaching; the Resources Team (REST) and Curriculum and Standards Team (CAST). One of its major concerns is the organisation and implementation of what is learned by the children whilst they are at the school. In addition, governors constantly monitor the school’s curriculum aims, which are included in the School Improvement Plan, as well as the construction and implementation of the School Improvement Plan. Governor Training is undertaken to keep abreast of current issues and initiatives.

Members of Governing Body

Chair of Governors :  Dr Sarah Caldwell

Co-Vice Chair: Mr Mark Evans

Co-Vice Chair: Mrs Margaret Underwood

Headteacher : Mr. Matthew Petch 

Parent Governors (appointed by Parents, Term of Office 4 Years)

Mrs Sarah Caldwell (Date of Appointment 18/12/2020)

Ms Amy Davy (Date of Appointment 17/3/23)

Staff Governor (appointed by School Staff, Term of Office 4 Years)

Mrs Kerry Allsopp (Date of Appointment (16/5/23)

Co-opted Governors (appointed by Governing Body, Term of Office 4 Years)

Mrs Margaret Underwood (Date of Appointment 1/3/23)

Mrs Joanne Crowther (Date of Appointment 24/1/20)

Mrs Lesley Gibson (Date of Appointment 19/10/20)

Mrs Lesley Bailey (Date of Appointment 17/7/23)

Mrs Lynne Bowers (Date of Appointment 9/10/23)

Local Authority Governor (Appointed by Governing Body , Term of Office 4 Years)

Mr Mark Evans (Date of Appointment 6/1/22)

Head Teacher (ex-officio)

Mr Matthew Petch

Associate Governor (appointed by Governing Body, Term of Office 4 Years)

Mrs Marie Ridgill (Date of Appointment 19/10/20) Non-Voting Associate Member for REST Team


Details of any Business Interests

Lesley Gibson is employed at the school as an Deputy Head

Kerry Allsopp is employed at the school as an Deputy Head

Joanne Crowther is employed at the school as a Class Teacher

Details of any other Educational Establishments where they are Governors

None Declared

Details of any relationships with other Governors / Staff Members

None Declared




Please note dates are subject to change and you will be informed if any dates are changed.








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