A great start to the year!

It has been a great start to the new term, and you should all feel very proud of the excellent start all children have made to the new term. It is going to be a very exciting year with a range of wonderful experiences lined up for the children.

A big focus for us this year is increasing our attendance as this dropped last year and put us below national average at 95.4% (I don't like anything being below national average at the school - it certainly doesn't help me sleep at night!). This year we are aiming to improve this and reach 96.1%. To do this it is important to get a good start to the year as we know later on in the year there will be an increase in bugs as the Winter months progress. We had a good start to the year achieveing 96.7% last week, but I know we can do better I and am hoping to break 97% this week. A hearty congratulations to Mrs Lewins' Whizz Kids who are leading by example with a cracking 100% attendance in the first week; as a result they all got a school pencil in assembly on Friday and were the first winners of the new balloons we are giving out in assembly on Mondays for the class with the highest attendance. I wonder if they can keep it up this week, or will be overtaken by another class this week.

Each class will also be awarding their own prizes for attendance of which more details will come out to parents, and we will be setting each child to improve their attendance last year (unless they achieved a 100% attendance, where we will be challenging them to match this).

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