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Welcome to Foundation 2

In Foundation Stage we work in an inclusive environment. Our team are;

Miss Morgan

Mrs Chappell 

Miss Garton

Mrs D'Arcy

Mrs Parmley

Mrs Sheppard

Mrs Ridsdale

Miss Parnaby

Mrs Cox

Miss Kenny 


Please contact us by:

- Emailing EYFS@thornekingedward.co.uk

- Tweet us at @EYkingedprimary

In our very exciting setting the children have the choice of a variety of activities throughout the classroom, wet area and the outdoor area. We encourage the children to be independent learners: developing their skills across all seven areas of learning.


We plan using the EYFS Birth to Five Framework to equip all children with broad and balanced learning experiences across all 7 areas of learning. Our curriculum is driven by quality texts. This year we will be using a range of fiction and non-fiction books to enhance the children's learning. These books will be based on the children's interests and developmental needs.


During our maths lessons we will cover; subitising, matching numbers to amounts, counting and number recognition, odd and even numbers, pattern/shape, ordering and value, size, weight, capacity, one more, one less, money, addition and subtraction, doubling and halving.  


Within F2, we ensure that reading is at the heart of our learning and is embedded within all aspects of the school day. We take pride in helping the children on their journey to becoming confident readers. It is important that all children have their book bags in school everyday and change their own individual reading books. The class teacher changes the guided reading book on a weekly basis which is sent home following the second read. Children will bring home a level below their Guided Reading level at school, this is to build confidence and independence when reading in different situations.


In phonics we follow Letters and Sounds. We will start with Phase 2 phonemes, we then move onto Phase 3 and Phase 4. 

Phase 2

In this phase children will continue practising what they have learned from Phase 1, including ‘sound-talk’. They will also be taught the sounds (phonemes) for a number of letters (graphemes), which sound is represented by which letter and that a sound can be represented by more than one letter, for example, /ll/ as in b-e-ll. Now the children will be seeing letters and words, as well as hearing them. They will be shown how to make whole words by pushing magnetic or wooden letters together to form little words, reading little words on the interactive whiteboard and breaking up words into individual sounds, which will help their spelling. These will be simple words made up of 2 sounds e.g am, at, it or 3 sounds e.g cat, rug, sun, tick, bell. Your child will be taught how to pronounce the sounds correctly to make
blending easier.

phase 2 sound mat

Phase 3

The purpose of this phase is to:

To teach more graphemes, most of which are made of two letters, for example, ‘oa’ as in boat.
To practise blending and segmenting a wider set of CVC words, for example, fizz, chip, sheep, light.
To learn all letter names and begin to form them correctly.
To read more tricky words and begin to spell some of them.
To read and write words in phrases and sentences.
To CVC words containing graphemes made of two or more letter.
Here are some examples of words your children will be reading: tail, week, right, soap, food, park, burn, cord, town, soil. Their confidence from the daily experience of practising and applying their phonic knowledge to reading and writing is really paying off!

Phase 3


Our PE session is on a Monday. The children need to come to school dressed in their PE kit. They do not need to get changed afterwards. 


School Lunches

All Foundation 2 children are entitled to a free school lunch. The weekly menus will be sent via ParentMail. 


Forest School

Each week we will be spending some time exploring forest school. Fantastic Frogs will be accessing Forest School on a Thursday morning. Please can you ensure all children have a waterproof coat and wellies in school. 


Collecting your child

Your child must be brought to school and collected each day by an adult. If you are unable to collect your child and the adult collecting your child is not on our collection record, please inform the school to let them know who will be collecting them.


It is important that your child attends school everyday as it provides a routine and develops your child’s learning. If your child is unwell, please contact the school office before 8.50am.

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